What is Fun?

Written by Aaron S / Published June 6th, 2012 / 0 Comments

 “Can you suggest a game for us?”

“Definitely! Do you have anything particular in mind? A word game? 
Something strategic? Trivia? 
What are things you’ve enjoyed before, so I can help find you a good fit?"

“Something fun!”


This is a conversation every one of us here at Snakes & Lattes has had at least once. No joke. Not a single guest has asked for the game that isn’t fun. It’s sitting in the corner, lonely and unloved. Poor thing…

Seriously though, people want to play games that are fun! No matter what the reason that any gamer is attracted to gaming – it’s ultimately about the potential to have fun with the experience. This brings us face to face with the question: What is fun?

So here we are – a discussion about the evolution of content for the blog, the voice of the podcast, the visibility of the vlog – what are we talking about, why are we talking about it, and from what perspective are we offering advice about all these games?

We’ve got 34+ people that work here at Snakes & Lattes and a lot of what makes it special is our commitment to having fun. Obviously it’s a business environment - we’re a café that offers food and drink – we have to have an eye toward our quality of service – but what feels really cool is that I want to hang out with every one of these people and play games with them when I’m not ‘at work’.

The result is that the character and diversity of such a big staff gives momentum to the variety of games that we get to play. We all know how nice it is to be taught a new game, to be introduced to something that we don’t have to personally consume a rulebook for – so we take turns introducing and teaching games to each other.

So what are we talking about? Games, board games, and board games that have been ported to mediums beyond the tabletop.

Why are we talking about them? Because we’ve played them, had fun with them, and want to share about some of those experiences!

And the limitation of our perspective on ‘what’s fun?’ Exactly right – we’re limited to our perspective. We will share about our opinions of what’s fun, our opinions of why something might not have been fun – ultimately though, we hope to leave the space for you to decide for yourself: What is fun for you?

Game On! 

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