An update on our upcoming group space & our alcohol service.

Written by Ben C / Published June 27th, 2013 / 0 Comments

Hello Friends!

As the final step of our renovations at Snakes & Lattes we are completing the work on our party room. Once completed, the room will be available for large party bookings and reservations. To better serve you, and to create a larger space (and shorter wait times), this renovation work must be done. To expediate the process we will be temporarily ceasing alcohol service during renovations. This will greatly increase our seating capacity and reduce wait times during the renovations. All of the same amazing espresso based drinks, our fully relaunched menu and all of the games you love will still be available. Our Game Gurus will be on hand while you're drunk with victory!

We expect to be a dry county for a very very short time and will relaunch our licensed menu with more more local draughts, cask beer, tasty summer drink specials and some of the best bar staff in Toronto. Our new seating capacity will be much larger and serve our valued customers better.

We thank you for your patience with us during this time and we'll see you at the gaming tables.

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