Banana Matcho review from Thomas B.

Written by Thomas B / Published June 19th, 2013 / 0 Comments

Here's a little something for you fun-lovers who'd like to show up your friends with a raucous good time! Thomas B. tells us where it's at with banana-grabbing.

Banana Matcho

“What would you get if you combined Jungle Speed, Yahtzee and a squeaky banana?” Nobody's ever asked this question, but Banana Matcho designer Thilo Hutzler felt the need to answer it. I'm glad he did, because the answer is “a hilariously exciting game.”

In Banana Matcho, the players are monkeys racing up a tree. Each turn, two players are frantically rolling dice to get a set so they squeak the rubber banana first and make progress in the race. If you're rolling the six white dice, you're trying to make Yahtzee-style sets out of the fruits on each die: three-of-a-kind, full house, etc. You can squeak the banana whenever, but you'll move further up the tree if you get one of the more improbable sets. Push your luck to climb faster, but don't push it too far, because your opponent is rolling three yellow dice, trying to get a monkey on each of them in order to squeak the banana before you. If that happens, you'll get stopped in your tracks and the yellow-dice player will move up one space. Then the turn ends and the dice pass clockwise, giving new players a chance in the race.

This makes for a crazy, fast, tense experience with each player asking “Do I feel lucky enough to keep rolling before squeaking the banana?” As their asking that ridiculous question, I'm thankful that somebody out there asked an even sillier one and came up with a game as fun as Banana Matcho.

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