Kemet review

Written by Dan / Published April 25th, 2013 / 0 Comments

Here is a fantastic game where ancient gods exert their influence over cults vying for power in the scorching desert sun. Through warfare and sacrifice the sands are stained, as giant living machines of destruction tear down city walls.

Welcome to the land of Kemet, a new offering by Matagot whom previously brought us Cyclades (which this title feels in some ways a spiritual sequel to.) I was taken aback at the beautiful components, very cool miniatures and great artwork draws you right in to this title. Each god has its own unique detailed warriors as well as large mythical beasts. Not to mention the boards captivating art and intuitive design, mystical kingdoms are divided by a river that actually sizes the game based on how many players there are. All cities and locations are the same distance away from each other without appearing to be, making for a great marriage of art, design and game balance.

Kemet is a straightforward strategy game, with cutthroat conflict at its core. Each player assumes the role of an ancient Egyptian deity (such as Ra, Anubis, Sekhmet or Sobek.) along with its own tribe of devoted worshippers and your goal is to take over kingdoms during the course of multiple day/night cycle. This game is delightfully diceless, feeling in some ways like “Chaos in the Old World” meets “Small World”. Kemet is ideal for someone looking to enjoy a uniquely brilliant war-game with a great theme, no player elimination and a reasonable play time. Victory points often exchange hands through area control or are gained permanently through sacrifices. Remember, in the desert sun, only the strong survive.

- Dan Legault

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