Hive Mini Review

Written by Jon-Paul D / Published June 1st, 2012 / 0 Comments
In the coming days and weeks leading up to the Snakes & Lattes WHEN ABSTRACTS ATTACK Tournament, we'll be highlighting each game with brief reviews and testimonials.  We're kicking things off with Hive, the game that will decide the finals of the tournament!  Below is a brief review from our Community Outreach Coordinator, and an all-around swell guy, Sean Jacquemain: 

Hive is a brilliant 2-player strategy game, simple in it's design, but deep and difficult in it's execution. I learned Hive on one of my first nights working at Snakes and Lattes and it remains one of my go to games for groups of two.

I am generally not the biggest abstract fan, but there's something great about building the board itself as you play Hive that I really love. The portability of the game (made even more so with Hive Pocket) make it the perfect traveling companion.
Do you believe you're the greatest Hive player in all the land?  Then sign up for our WHEN ABSTRACTS ATTACK Tournament by sending an email to, including a contact number and your very favourite abstract strategy game!

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