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Written by Colin Y / Published September 14th, 2012 / 0 Comments

Some of the Snakes & Lattes crew hit the road for Gen Con last month, and they brought back some terrific new stuff to try. These are some of the favourites of our staff, and they've been hitting the table frequently with customers too! 


Smash Up: Tired of online arguments about absolute badassery? Burdened by knowledge of what member of the geek zeitgeist would really win? It is finally time to decide. In the frantic and furious world of Smash Up two to four players will fight to stand atop the Pedestal of Complete Awesomeness. Pirates, ninjas, robots, aliens, zombies, dinosaurs and more will team-up to answer the eternal question: Will pirate aliens pillage the planet or will zombie dinosaurs rise from their ancient grave to devour a new era? Make no mistake – Smash Up is an angry, card-based Internet argument. However, it is an Internet argument that will finally crown an ultimate victor through funtimes with a card game. Smash Up! Play it now!

Snake Oil:  The magic of boardgaming is the act of bringing people together and bonding and forge lasting, meaningful relationships. That is why you should play Snake Oil - a quick and dirty party game that asks you to spin some creative pitches to your close friends and family and get them to pick the shoddy nonsense you’re peddling. Each round asks a player to act as a pigeon for would be snake oil salespeople. They’re given a customer role telling them how to shop: every customer is different, ranging from superhero to high school dropout; from priests to carnival workers. Quick-thinking and fast-talking wins the day in Snake Oil, so step right up and find just the game for you! 

- Libertalia: Like pirates? Hate your friends? If you answered yes to these questions, play Libertalia! As you take up pegleg and parrot, you will fight to take home the greatest treasure of all. Over three rounds, up to six players will choose members of their crew - represented by decks of cards - to steal, pillage and plunder their way to victory. Each pirate card has its own special ability and knowing when to use each is the trick to filling your ship’s hold. Beautifully illustrated and fiendishly designed, Libertalia has definitely become a cafe favourite.
Ugg-tect: Like so many people, the Snakes & Lattes crew has often thought about what it must have been like to be an architect in the misty periods of pre-history. Who hasn’t wiled away countless hours contemplating the career paths available to homo neanderthalensis? Well, good news - the fine folks at Fantasy Flight Games bring you Ugg-tect, a meticulously researched gaming experience in which you and your friends compete as opposing caveperson architectural firms. Using only a limited vocabulary of gestures and grunts, teams will try to erect magnificent monuments of some bizarre cultural significance now lost to us in the modern era. (Something to do with fertility, hunting and some gods, we believe.) Also, you will use and inflatable club to help you facilitate group morale.. so, there’s that too! Ugg-tect: yell at your friends and hit them with novelty clubs!
Battle Beyond Space:  Battles in space are awesome and intense. As the battles in this game are BEYOND space, they are that much more awesome and intense. Taking on the fleet of a space-faring race, your thoughts are bent towards peace...through violence. BBS is a quick game for three or four players in which each fleet’s aim is to destroy as many enemy ships through careful choice of movement cards. With only nine rounds, your decisions determine the fate of your valiant crew and the pitiful lives of your puny adversaries. Destroy, lest ye be destroyed! 

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