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In this issue we talk about our newest venue Snakes & Lagers, board gaming in the great outdoors, and some of our retail games news. Read on to find out about our new retail games prices, what Query is, why you should be at Snakes & Lagers on Wednesday June 4th, and to witness some well deserved love for Game of Things.

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Lagers Patio

Not to jinx it, but it looks like our capricious Toronto weather has finally decided to settle down, and after months of hibernation, seemingly everyone is rediscovering what fresh air and sunshine feel like. But how to balance our newfound climatic freedom with our insatiable appetite for board games?

Well for starters you could stop by our newly opened patio at Snakes & Lagers! Nestled between the cozy back lots of College Street, the patio offers gamers a chance to unwind in the shade and enjoy a pint of their favorite brew.

Board games outside? Scandalous! (We thought you might say that.) To make your gaming experience as seamless as possible, we've put together a special library designed for the outdoors, and built custom tables to ensure nothing ever slips through the cracks.

We may not be your mothers, but we still know what's good for you, so turn off the screen and get outside.

Snakes & Lagers
488 College Street
Toronto, ON M6G 1A4

New Menu

What better way to experience our newly opened patio than with a brand new summer menu?

Keeping it light and healthy as accompaniments to the warm weather, we have a brand new quinoa salad, and our fresh rolls are now available with or without shrimp.

If you're more of a meat and potatoes kind of person, our Buffalo Chicken Slider, and Twice Cooked Jacket Potatoes with avocado and cheese sauce are sure to satisfy the deepest of stomachs.

And if you have room for dessert, our house made seasonal ice creams with fresh fruit are a great way to beat the heat.

Come by Snakes & Lagers to sample these new items, and the many more that we'll let you discover for yourself.

Check out our new menu here!


Two weeks ago, Snakes & Lattes quietly dropped its retail game prices.

We stared at our numbers for what seemed like ages, and considered how much it can cost a hobbyist to get a fledgling game collection started. Ultimately, we don't want to push anyone to buy more games. We know that this isn't the cheapest hobby around. But. We really want to ensure that at the very least, that you can get a better bang for your buck.

Having said all of that, this is us formally announcing our online board game price drop!

Check us out, and if you ever have any questions, any special requests, or questions just about games in general, then send us an email and we'll help you as best we can.

Good luck and good gaming!

Check out our online shop here!


Local game designers, Phoebe and Nikki, have recently capitalized on the modern ubiquity of internet search engines; more specifically, the connected world's tendency to ask the internet the most bizarre, nonsensical and unbelievable questions.

With classic party games such as Balderdash, Say Anything, and The Game of Thingsas a starting point, this Toronto duo has created Query, a game in which the players compete to create hilarious auto-completed answers to actual search engine questions.

Snakes & Lattes has become so enamoured with their game that we'll be hosting alaunch party for Query at our sister bar, Snakes & Lagers, this coming Wednesday, June 4th. Phoebe and Nikki will be on hand to teach their game and have a few drinks with our patrons, and we fully expect to see a lot of tables playing this great new game.

7pm, Wednesday June 4th

Snakes & Lagers
488 College Street
Toronto, ON M6G 1A4

The launch party is open to all 19+ patrons.


What charms us about The Game of Things is how easy it is to learn, to teach, to play and, most importantly, to create. For ten years now, The Game of Things has been a staple of family game nights. And The Game of Things has been at Snakes & Lattes since Day One.

Whenever we talk party games here at Snakes & Lattes, we're obliged to tip our hat to certain games, like Apples to Apples, Balderdash, and Cranium. All of these games are award-winning, accessible and hilarious titles which appeal across generations; that much should be clear at the outset.

In an era where game designers are seeking simpler, more accessible gameplay and rule sets, The Game of Things ought to be closely examined for its simplicity, its subtlety and, more than anything else, for the fun it generates so effortlessly. Pick a card, read the topic, and get people to write down ANYTHING they want. Freedom, in game terms, can be terrifying and unwieldy, but it gives each player immediate agency in creating the experience they want to have.

Snakes & Lattes is proud to partner with Tom Quinn, the designer (and Toronto resident!) of The Game of Things. Find your copy at

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