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Many of the classic games of history - Chess, Checkers, Go, Mancala - are considered to be abstract strategy games.  Traditionally, these are games with no hidden elements, no aspects of luck to be found, and are often solely for two players.

At Snakes & Lattes, we've observed the definitions of gaming stretching and growing over time, and abstract strategy games are no different.  Mass market classics such as Stratego and even European strategy games like Reiner Knizia's Through the Desert are examples of abstract concepts that have been injected with random and/or hidden elements.

On June 25th starting at 7pm, we're looking to celebrate our most popular and fun abstract strategy games with a three-round tournament entitled WHEN ABSTRACTS ATTACK!

In the first round, we're breaking the classic mold by pitting our contestants in our arena with four player games.  Some familiar hits such as Blokus, Quoridor, and Qwirkle, some new or undiscovered titles like FITS and Pentago Multiplayer, and even a Euro-designed masterpiece, Ingenious.

Round two will move towards the traditional abstract games for two players.  Again, we'll be seeing stalwarts of the genre such as Abalone, Quarto, YINSH, and Gobblet, along with newcomers Nowhere to Go and Six.

For those who endure those first two clashes of mental moxie, the final battle will go head to head with one of the most loved games at Snakes & Lattes ... Hive!

The tournament entry fee is $10, and will include one non-alcoholic beverage.  Prizes will include a copy of the newly released Hive Pocket, Gift Certificates to Snakes & Lattes, free snacks and drinks, and perhaps even secret surprises to be revealed on the day of the event.

If some (or all) of these games are not familiar to you, fear not!  We'll be doing features on each game in the coming days through this blog, and if you're interested in training with our Game Gurus leading up to June 25th, we'd be glad to give you a hands-on demonstration!

To sign up for the WHEN ABSTRACTS ATTACK tournament, please drop an email to contact@snakesandlattes.com with your name, phone number, and favourite abstract strategy game.  

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