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  • September 23rd, 2014
    7:00pm to 12:00am
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    Carcassonne Tournament 2014

    The town of Carcassonne is beautiful. There's breathtaking architecture, idyllic fields, and mysterious cloisters. Still, being a tourist there can get a little confusing - it's almost as if the builders weren't cooperating at all. Some of the cities have chunks missing from them. Roads loop on themselves or go nowhere, and a few of them just end abruptly. Also, why are so many people just lying in fields?

    For the third year running, Snakes & Lattes is proud to host the Canadian arm of the Carcassonne World Championship taking place as always in scenic Essen at the renowned and prestigious SPIEL Festival. 

    The winner of this tournament earns the right to represent the red and white on the world stage, and this year we're paying for your plane ticket!

    We hear Germany's quite festive in October.

    Tournament Rules:

    • 32 player capacity
    • Carcassonne base game only - third edition field scoring
    • 3 rounds of 4 players each, followed by a cut to Top 8 single-elimination based on win record
    • 50 minutes per round

    We look forward to seeing you! May all your cities be complete.